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The fleet-footed messenger with wings on his heels and cap symbolizes fast delivery. However, Hermes was neither originally winged nor a messenger - that role was reserved for the rainbow goddess Iris (Medusa's cousin and the daughter of Thaumys and Elektra). Hermes was, instead, clever, tricky, a thief, and, with his awakening or sleep conferring wand (rhabdos), the original sandman whose descendants include a major Greek hero and a noisy, fun-loving god. Before Zeus married Hera, Maia (a daughter of the second generation Titan Atlas, who was a son of the Titan Iapetos and Okeanos' daughter Klymene) bore him a son, Hermes. Like Heracels, Hermes showed amazing skill in early years. He escaped his cradle, wandered outside, and walked from Mt. Cyllene to Pieria where he found Apollo's cattle. His natural character was to steal them. He even had a smart plan. First, he padded their feet to soften the sound, and then he drove fifty of them backwards in order to confuse search. He stopped at the Alpheios River to make the first sacrifice to the gods. To do so, he had to invent fire, or at least how to fire up it. Then he selected two of Apollo's herd, and after killing them, divided each into six parts to keep in touch with the twelve Olympians. There were, at the time, only eleven. The remaining part was for him. After completing his new ceremony, Hermes went back home. On his way, he found a tortoise that he took inside his house. Using leather strips from Apollo's herd as string, he created the first lyre. He was playing the new musical instrument when Apollo found him. Noticing the material of the string, Apollo was angry with Hermes for stealing his cattle and smart enough not to believe Hermes when he protested his innocence. Bringing together seemed impossible until the father of both gods stepped in. To make amends, Hermes gave his half-brother the tortoise shell lyre. Later, Hermes and Apollo made another exchange. Apollo gave his half-brother the Caduceus in exchange for a flute Hermes invented. Zeus realized he had to keep his smart, cattle-rustling son out of mischief, so he put him to work as god of trade and business. He gave him power over birds of sign, dogs, boars, flocks of sheep, and lions. He provided him with golden sandals, and made him messenger (angelos) to Hades.

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Family Drama

Living with family is similar to living to living in the royal palace. There is always going to be guards watching over you’re every move, and certain standards you need to live up to. You will enjoy the luxury of an elegant house, clean laundry and slightly bigger budget, but it will slightly defer from the king and queen realm. It will affect every detail of your life, right down to the way you talk, the food you eat, how often your friends can visit and how much freedom you have. You will quickly discover that if your sovereign isn’t happy you’re not going to be happy either. I recently graduated from high Scholl, got a job, and started saving up some money for college. I decided to move in with my parents, and what I have learnt is that its good being around family, but it’s never a good idea to live in with family. I get no respect from my parents. They treat me as if I’m still in high school, or should I say elementary school. My mom talks to me any how she pleases, no matter where we are , or, who is around. Last month was my birthday, so I decided to invite a few friends over just to chill and have a good time. Hoping that my parents would leave so I could have the house for myself, they decided to hang around. It was so awkward for me. My dad he just came and sat in the living room watching the TV, even thou they have one in there room. My mom kept complaining about the type of music I was playing. After a while my mom started butting in people’s conversation and disrespecting my friends telling them how they aren’t good enough to hang with me and how much of a dirt bag they are. I was so embarrassed. She was so disrespectful, I don’t know if they don’t want me to have a social life or they just like being mean to me. As expected living under someone else’s roof can be quite a challenge, especially if they are close family. I am a single child so you can imagine how hard it if for me to have any privacy what so ever. I really felt cross the line the other day when my mom decided to open my mail. I ordered some condom and other such items online with my own money( of course, which goes without saying) my mother couldn’t stand that I had any mail coming in or anything that she didn’t know what it was, so what does she do, she opened it. Then she judgmentally confronted me about them. I shocked embarrassed and very angry about that violation of my privacy. I should not have been surprised, this kind of things are typical for my mother she just like to be all up in my business. The clothes I wear, the food I eat, the color of my room, where I go, how I got there and people I hang with, these are just a few things that your parents have control over when you’re a child, but as you grow older they still seems to want to maintain that control. It is difficult for them to adjust to that and thus causes a lot of conflict. My friends and I decided to dress up as sexy doctors and fire fighters for Halloween, just to change up from what we normally do each year. The biggest sin in the eyes of my parents to be sexy. We had a big argument, because I was determine to wear what I wanted to, not only because it was what we had plan, but also a way of proving to my parents that I’m grown and can do whatever I can. My dad decided that if I left the house looking like a â€Å"hooker† I’m not to set foot back in his house, I didn’t even think of the after effect of it all I just back my stuff. As a I was about to leave, he decided to grab my stuff, I was so mad I push him and he slap me in the face. We started fighting and my mom called the police. Luckily no one went to jail, but we were warned. I love my dad and I didn’t mean for things to get out of control like that. All that could have been avoided if I was living on my own. Relatively speaking, as a child growing up, I enjoy living with my parents, they were my best friends, but as a bird grows older they have to leave the nest. In order to have a good social life and worry free about what you do and how you to it, its better to

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Essay Buddha a Man, not a God

Siddhartha Gautama Buddha is the central figure of Buddhism, a sage on whose teachings this religion has been founded. It is worth noting that he didn’t leave any written works, and his ideas were passed down in oral tradition, and first appeared in written form several centuries after his death (probably about four hundred years later). Still, Buddhists believe that the accounts of his life and wisdom he imparted to his followers were memorized well enough to survive for several centuries without distortions. One should also mention that â€Å"Buddha† is not a name as it is often thought to be. Buddha means â€Å"the awakened one†; it is a status, not a name. Yet when this word is said, people usually mean Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. What Is Really Known About Gautama Buddha In fact, there is not much, due to the aforementioned lack of written sources. Historical Gautama Buddha is believed to have lived somewhere in between 563 BC and 483 BC, with different historians disagreeing with each other wildly as to where exactly the dates of his birth and death should be placed. Needless to say, he is not mentioned in any written sources of his time, nor for several centuries afterwards. Everything that we know about this person comes from a number of traditional biographies written centuries after his death, emphasizing different aspects of his life and sometimes contradicting each other. The things that most biographies have in common are as follows: Siddhartha was born as a Kshatriya, i.e., a member of the caste of noblemen, with his father being either a king or an elected leader of his clan. He was prophesied to become either a great ruler or a great holy man. He lived through his earlier years shielded from outside world and any knowledge of human suffering. One day he ventured outside his palace and saw an old man, a diseased man, a rotting corpse and an ascetic. Greatly depressed, he decided to battle old age, disease and death by following the path of asceticism. Then he embarked upon a quest for enlightenment and, after a long an arduous path, achieved the status of Buddha, i.e., â€Å"the awakened one†. What Is Buddha’s Significance? Gautama Buddha is considered to be the Supreme Buddha of the current age, the symbol of Awakening and Enlightenment which can be achieved by any living person who really wants to reach this status and leave the wheel of deaths and rebirths. Traditional biographies mention his life not only in his last incarnation, but also the fact that his path to the Awakening went through countless previous rebirths. Many incarnations before he met a Buddha and was so impressed by his serenity that decided to take an oath to eventually become a Buddha himself. In his final life, he went from opulent life as a nobleman and an heir to the throne to wandering beggar to an esteemed teacher to, finally, the Awakened One, thus giving an example of sacrifice and ability to achieve the Enlightenment no matter where and how you start. This was an example of the Buddha essay, written by the writers of our custom writing service. To buy an essay on the necessary topic, please, fill in the Free Inquiry form in the top right corner of this page.

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Injustices Of Lgbtq People Within The Foster System

Injustices of LGBTQ People within the Foster System Placements in wards, group homes, or private homes of a state certified caregiver known as a â€Å"foster parent†, emergency shelters, residential facilities, and homes of relatives are typical substitute parental figures for children whose parents or guardians are unable to care for the them. This system is known as the Foster Care system. The foster care system began as a system put in place as a safe haven for children experiencing maltreatment in their homes. The goal of this system was to place children in other homes temporarily while parents did what they needed to do to receive their parental custody back. This has not changed much but since the admission of many children, the system†¦show more content†¦When a foster youth speaks about his or her experience, they open the eyes of many people who otherwise would not know what is happening to the children in the system. More importantly, how LGBTQ children are being treated. These results are meant to spark an interest in their audience and give way to even more in-depth study of the experiences of LGBTQ youth. The information is not just for those in education but it very important for them. There must be methods of intervention and procedures to prevent negative outcomes when a child does decide to confine in his parents about his/her sexuality. There have been studies done in order to identify the adolscents who idenfiy as LGBTQ. One example of a specific study conducted was by Casey Field Office Mental Health (CFOMH). This organization set out with a few questions for a group of foster youth. The study interviewed 188 adolescents ages 14 to 17 who were receiving foster care services from Casey Family Programs in 2006. About 10 children of the group of 188 youths identified as LGBQ. This study includes both the experiences of the LGBTQ youth groups as well as their non-LGBTQ counterparts. The results of this study concluded that out of the 10 student s who identify as LGBTQ all felt as though they were not being given the help they needed. They felt marginalized. Another more recent study, the Los Angeles Foster Youth Study (LAFYS), was also conducted by the Los Angeles

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Codes of Ethics in Nursing - 3690 Words

CODE OF ETHICS IN NURSING * The fundamental responsibility of the nurse is fourfold: to promote health, to prevent illness, to restore health and to alleviate suffering. * The need for nursing is universal. Inherent in nursing is respect for life, dignity and the rights of man. It is unrestricted by consideration of nationality, race, creed, color, age sex, politics, or social status. * Nurses render health services to the individual, the family and the community and coordinate their services with those of related groups. The following Code for Nurses, adopted by the Council of National Representatives of the International Council of Nurses was also adopted by the Board of Nursing and became an integral part of the amended†¦show more content†¦any person practicing nursing in the Philippines within the meaning of RA 9173 of 2002: 1. without certificate of registration/professional license and professional identification card or special temporary permit or without having been declared exempt from examination in accordance with the provision of this Act; or 2. who uses as his/her own certificates of registration/ professional license and professional identification card or special/temporary permit of another; or 3. who uses an invalid certificate of registration/professional license, a suspended or revoked certificate of registration/professional license, or an expired or cancelled special/temporary permit; or 4. who gives any false evidence to the Board in order to obtain a certificate of regi stration/professional license, a professional identification card or special permit; or 5. who falsely poses or advertises as a registered and licensed nurse or uses any other means that tend to convey the impression that he/she is registered and licensed nurse; or 6. who appends B.S.N./R.N. or any similar appendage to his/her name without having been conferred said degree or registration; or 7. who, as a registered and licensed nurse, abets or assists the illegal practice of a person who is not lawfullyShow MoreRelatedThe Nursing Code Of Ethics Essay839 Words   |  4 Pagesall careers have a specific code and level of ethics which are incorporated into the daily responsibilities one is expected to perform in their chosen field. For the basis of this paper, I have chosen to write about the nursing code of ethics. Nursing has a professional code of ethics along with the level/employee behavior usually being currently attainable, meaning that the behavior expected is normally exhibi ted by individuals. (Manias 508). However, although nursing seems to require behavior thatRead MoreThe Nursing Code Of Ethics Essay1164 Words   |  5 PagesAs described in Black, ethics and morals are defining characteristics that guide nursing care. Each play a particular role in the efficacy of each nurse and the way he or she performs within the scope of practice. Morals are established as a rule of conduct in any situation provided and once a nurse is aware of one’s personal beliefs and values, safe and effective client care can be delivered through ethical decision making. Ethical decision making involves a critical analysis of actions beforeRead MoreCode of Ethics - Nursing1475 Words   |  6 Pagesmoral norms which nurses are expected to adhere to and embrace. In a nursing profession, daily decisions have real impact on other people’s lives. The responsibility of such decisions creates the need for nurses to have knowledge and skills that enable them to not only provide physical and psychological care, but also to critique and reflect on the standard of health care practices. For the nurses to do this, they must understand ethics and ways in which to utilize this knowledge in a constructive andRead MoreThe Nursing Code Of Ethics895 Words   |  4 PagesTypically, all careers have a specific code and level of ethics which are incorporated into the daily responsibilities one is expected to perform in their chosen field. For the basis of this paper, I have chosen to write about the nursing code of ethics. Nursing has a professional code along with the level/employee behavior usually being currently attainable, which means that the behavior expected is normally exhibited by individuals. (Manias 508). However, although nursing seems to require behavior thatRead MoreCode of Ethics - Nursing1478 Words   |  6 Pagesmoral norms which nurses are expected to adhere to and embrace. In a nursing profession, daily decisions have real impact on other people’s lives. The responsibility of such decisions creates the need for nurses to have knowledge and skills that enable them to not only provide physical and psychological care, but also to critique and reflect on the standard of health care practices. For the nurses to do this, they must understand ethics and ways in which to utilize this knowledge in a constructive andRead MoreForensic Nursing Codes Of Ethics1382 Words   |  6 PagesThe profession of nursing has many vast specialties. Although every specialty, including forensic nursing, has its unique population and sco pe of practice, every field of nursing can and should utilize the Codes of Ethics from the American Nurses Association. The 2015 Code â€Å"addresses individual as well as collective nursing intentions and actions; it requires each nurse to demonstrate ethical competence in professional life† (ANA, 2015, p. 7). This code can be broken down into nine provisions whichRead MoreNursing Code of Ethics Essay1052 Words   |  5 PagesNursing Code of Ethics Introduction Butts and Rich (1-26) point out that effective nursing requires both broad knowledge and a set of well developed abilities and skills. The required tasks, are many and varied and in order to do them properly, care must be taken to respect each patients rights and sensitivities. This is why, according to the authors, nursing care must be guided by a code of ethics. The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview and discussion of the Code of EthicsRead MoreNursing Code Of Ethics Essay1253 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Nursing code of ethics was developed as a guide in carrying out nursing responsibilities in a matter consistent with quality in nursing care and the ethical obligations of the profession (ANA, 2015). The term ethics refers to the study of philosophical ideas of right and wrong behavior (Olin, 2012). There is a total of nine provisions however, throughout this paper I will discuss provisions one through four and express how I plan to utilize these provisions as a new RN. These provisionsRead MoreThe Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nursing2525 Words   |  10 PagesGuide to the Code of Ethics for Nursing and address the following objectives. 1. Explain the relationship between Codes of Ethics and Professional Identity? The Code of Ethics and the Professional Identity assume a dependent relationship. Without one the other could not stand alone. When we search for the professional identity of a career we also look at how they were established and what boundaries do they follow. In nursing, as stated by the American Nurses Association â€Å"a code of ethics stands asRead MoreNursing Is A Code Of Conduct Or Ethics Essay975 Words   |  4 PagesIn any occupation there lies a code of conduct or ethics by which we represent ourselves to our peers, supervisors, and the public. It is within that set of behavior that will determine how people are viewed, treated and impacted. Nursing requires characteristics of professionalism that are detrimental to the outcome of patient care and safety. In the early 1800s, nursing was considered as a position held by people that were dishonest, unfavorable and illiterate. This all changed after Florence Nightingale

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Marketing Environment Strategy Csl Company â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Marketing Environment Strategy Csl Company? Answer: Introduction Marketing environment refers to those factors that enable a business or a company maintain its clients through creating a good relationship between itself and the clients through coming up with ways that help in efficient delivery and selling of its products and services to those customers. The marketing environment is very wide considering the performance of a certain company or business. It pertains two major areas, that is, microenvironment (internal factors) and macro environment (external environment). The microenvironment consists of the internal business structure. That is, the management department, the human resource department, the finance department, accounting department, purchasing and sales department, customers, and suppliers among others. The internal environment is mainly affected by the performance of the personnel entrusted in these departments. For instance, a well-organized business is more successful regarding its output compared to a poorly organized company. The external environment, on the other hand, refers to those factors outside the business rheum that affect the performance of a particular company. These factors include the political status of a country, demographic factors, culture, economic status of a place, the sociological orientation among other factors. The external environment, however, affects the internal environment. In Australia for example, the political, economic and social stability helps the CSL Company to market its products and services in the country freely. Maintaining a good position and being much competitive, a country, therefore, needs to consider the application of some methods that will help in balancing both external and internal environment to have a successful marketing process. The factors to be considered and applied are therefore the ones referred to as the strategy. The objective of this assignment is to conduct a marketing analysis on Commonwealth Serum Limited Company. Brief information about CSL Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) was established in 1916 in Australia. Its purpose was to serve the health needs of the nations that were affected and isolated by First World War. Since then the performance for this company has improved and in 1991 Commonwealth Serum Laboratories was incorporated to CSL limited and it managed to be listed on ASX in the year 1994. The company has now expanded its territories and has acquired a good number of companies such as the Novartis influenza vaccine business and CSL Behring. CSL Company is an actually based on delivering advanced biotherapies that help in saving lives. These biotherapies involve helping people with intimidating medical conditions and help them to live a full life (Moynihan, 2010). Marketing background of CLS Company Since the establishment of the CSL Company in the year 1916, the company has improved in terms of its performance by actually joining hand with other organizations. The following is a trend for the performance of the CSL company from its establishment the-the current date (Liu, 2013). In the year 2013, the company went through a reform where it announced that the operating partitions would include CSL plasma, CSL Behring, and immunohematology. In the year 2008, the company took a step to buy Talecris Bio therapeutics Holdings Corp. This is a United States-based supplier of plasma protein treatments which was from reserved equity firm (Cerberus Partners) which amounted to 3.48 billion dollars. This treaty was later canceled in the following year (Moynihan, 2010). In the year 2007, the CSLs influenza virus vaccine company was approved by Food and Drug Administration of the US which allowed to be traded (Szekely, 2013). In the year 2006, various operating names and visual characteristics were on CSL were allied so as to strengthen global network connections of the company. Some changes were made which included CSL pharmaceuticals to CSL biotherapies. In the year 2004, the company helped in the acquisition of Aventis Behring which became a worldwide frontrunner in plasma therapeutics. In the year 2003, there was free fluvial influenza serum which got launched together with United States Papillomavirus. In the year 2002, there was an opening of an office in Hong Kong. There was also an outline of the conjugate into Australian bazaar. In the year 2001, there was a formation of ZLB Plasma Services. There was also an establishment of NASDAQ which catered for some laboratory facilities (Guan, 2010). In the year 1999, there was an agreement of manufacturing and development of a product with American Record Cross. This was done through the signing of contract and development of new drugs (Ueyama, 2013). In the year 1998, the subsidiary for Bayers Animal Health Biologicals, a manufacturing company in Nebraska acquired Biocor Animal Health Inc. In the year 1995, there was the signing of an agreement with Merck and Co. The signing involved marketing and development of Human papillomavirus vaccine globally. There was another licensing the same year which allowed the marketing of Avonex treatment in New Zealand and Australia. In the year 1994, the company appeared on the Australian Securities Exchange list. In the year 1992, there was the signing of an agreement of Dohme and Merc Sharp which was meant to develop combination serums for teenagers in Australia (Zhang, 2011). In the year 1991, there was an incorporation of the company as Commonwealth Serum laboratories Limited. In the year 1961, the company was made a commission under the CSL Act. Analysis of CSL products The main products produced by this company are plasma proteins biotherapies and vaccines. Due to the wideness and diversity of products being produced, the company structures itself in two major business units. These are; CSL Behring- this is a well-developed unit which involved in the production, research, distribution, and development of accounting and plasma-derived products that are used in manufacturing coagulation therapies involved in the treatment of hemophilia, products for treating trauma, immunoglobulins for infection treatment and autoimmune diseases (Katz, 2010). An overview of CSL Behring products The drugs produced in this unit generally help in treating of infections, bleeding disorders, and autoimmune diseases. These products are also used t treat patients in serious care settings An overview of Seqiruss products Vaccines- the function of the vaccines is to speed up protection to patients and persons in contradiction of various viral deases. Ant ivenoms- Helps in treating individuals affected by spider bites and venomous snake. Diagnostics product- help in determining the matching of the giver to receiver in plasma transfusion. Medicines- these are quite many and they help in treating several humanoid medicinal situations. Various numbers of these medicines get distributed and marketed by the CSL. Seqirus, on the other hand, is a unit that creates and disperses natural substances such as the prescriptions of drugs, vaccines, anti-venoms and immunohaematology stuffs. It also includes the protein resultant drugs to cure solemn humanoid medicinal situations. Pricing for the CSL Company Pricing process is very crucial when it comes to the marketing of a companys products. Well-conducted pricing plan helps in defining the price-point at which the organization can exploit returns on sales of its products. During setting of the prices of its products, CSL Company considers factors like the production cost, distribution costs, the offering given by the competitor, the positioning strategies, and the targeted customers. The company uses various strategies in pricing its products. These include; Pricing at a premium This strategy involves a company setting prices of its products higher than the prices of its competitors. The CSL uses this strategy to win most of the customers who believe in its products and who associate the higher priced products with a sense of high quality. When comparing SANOFI and GRIFOLS SA which are some of the major competitors of the company, the price for the CSL products are relatively high but this does not seem to reduce the number of sales for the CSL products. However, this type of pricing strategy is mainly used when selling new products (Wang, 2010). Pricing for market penetration This strategy involves reducing the prices for some of the products so as to attract buyers. Most of the profit made by this company is used to expand the production process of new products and improve marketing of the previous ones. Due to reduced cost of production of various drugs such as vaccines and ant venoms, the CSL Company reduces the prices for these drugs so as to attract more buyers to buy these particular products from them as compared to the companys competitors who sell these products at a relatively high price. After influencing a quite good number of customers, the company can then use the profit gained to produce more of the same and different products based on the needs and demand of the consumers (Wang, 2010). Promotion on the CSL products Promotion is a key consideration when marketing a companys products. After the company has identified the product to produce, the places to distribute this product and the price to sell this product, it now has to find a proper way to make all of its customers aware of the availability of that specific product in the market. This, therefore, calls for different methods of promotion such as advertisements, road shows, campaigns, sales promotion, direct marketing and public relations. The company uses many forms of advertisements. These include a print advertisement which involves large billboards with the Company logo and some of its popular products, online advertisement which involves a website, Facebook page, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter among other social media where the new brands are outlined immediately after being released to the market (Sun, 2014). Various methods of promotion used by the CSL Company This is a type of promotion strategy that involves holding events that bring both the customers and the employees of the company together with the main aim of appreciating the consumption of the companys products. The company has been conducting these events occasionally where the customers do not have to pay anything for the provided goods. The forum involves open discussions, explanation, and instructions on how to use various drugs. Several disorders that are being treated using these drugs are mostly discussed and the reflected victims are always given these drugs for free. This strategy is very important since it helps in treating the victims of certain diseases as well as bringing up more customers (Linsey, 2011). After sale customer services The CSL always performs a follow-up by contacting its customers through email or telephone. These help not only receiving the feedback on the consumption of the products from the company by the consumers but also help in providing further guidelines to the customers who are not very sure on the usage of the of particular drugs. Other sales services used by the CSL Company involve catering for transport cost where a customer buys a bulk or a delicate product. Compared to its competitors, the CSL has recorded the best after-sale services in Australia. This has improved in the marketing success since the process involves winning more customers (Ferguson, 2017). Place/ distribution The location of the company and the distribution of its products is a very important consideration during marketing plan. The company is set in very nice and strategic places in the Australia and other involved countries. The main branches and offices are located in cities, and the distribution channel helps in connecting these premises with the ones in the interior region. The company gets its raw materials and ingredients locally. The location of this company and its branches has covered many communities and cultures resulting to a plenty number of permanent employees. The CSL premises are channeled in a way that the most plants are located in urban areas where plenty of labor and infrastructure is available. The transportation of the products from the company to the pharmaceutical centers is done by various cartels. Means of distribution of these products vary depending on the country. Some use the road; others use railway while few uses air and water as means of transporting the company products. This process may involve the wholesalers getting the products directly from the company or getting the products from the chemists. Among the various countries invested by the CSL, there is at least one wholesaler in the most interior or rural areas. The retailers then get these products from the wholesalers, and the consumers buy the products from the retailers at a moderate price. The successful investment in many countries has resulted since the company employs local employees around its premises who understand different languages based on their country and community. The proper communication enables the employees to even reach the most interior customers (Hu, M, 2015). Product vs Sustainability Sustainability refers to the ability of a business to maintain itself at a certain level or rate. The company produces a wide range of products such as antibiotics, vaccines anti-venoms among other products. To ensure sustainability in the marketing arena, the CSL Company have research centers and industries that produce these products using various formulas encountered during the research process. The promotion directives taken by the company such as the advertisement and use of free gifts help in sustaining the company position while making it more competitive. The product policy for the company entails that for any new product to be produced, the company must consider the competitor companys most trending products and the rate of demand for a particular product (Gudridur, 2011) Product quality features The products produced by the CSL company are of high quality since the company has well-established production industries and the accessibility of the raw materials is also easy considering that the company was established long time ago (Guan, 2010). Packaging and labeling The packaging on the CSL products is done strategically based on the type of the product. For instance, liquid and suspense drugs are packed in small cans and bottles, while capsules are mostly packed in small packets sealed with aluminum foil. The labeling of these products on the other side is based on the name of the drug while brief descriptions on the usage of that particular product are highlighted on the packet or any other packaging material used. Labelling is very important as it help in distinguishing different types of products being Produced and different uses these products have. The following picture shows some of the company products being packed and labeled (Zhang, 2011). Supply chain management This is the process that involves the distribution of the companys from the manufacturer the wholesaler and retailers. The company, therefore, has a policy accredited this process. This policy entails delivery of products in time, having a good distribution channel and maintaining a good relationship with the companys suppliers of the raw materials. If the proper distribution of these products is sustained, then the company enjoys a successful and smooth market (Platzek, 20212). Consideration for consumption and disposal The company produces the products based on the different human diseases. The packaging tools used in these drugs are made up of biodegradable materials that when disposed of, they only have less pollution effect to the environment (Kraev, 2017). References Ferguson, M., 2017. Using a Faculty Learning Community to Advance Public Scholarship in Promotion Tenure Guidelines (Doctoral dissertation, University Library). Guan, W., 2010. Developments in Distribution Channels: A Case Study of a Timber Product Distribution Channel (Doctoral dissertation, Linkping University Electronic Press). Gudridur Benediktsdottir, E., 2011. Analysis of Marketing-, Production-and Financial Opportunities for an Entrepreneurial Product Designer. Gudridur Benediktsdottir, E., 2011. Analysis of Marketing-, Production-and Financial Opportunities for an Entrepreneurial Product Designer. Hu, M., Li, X. and Shi, M., 2015. Product and pricing decisions in crowdfunding. Marketing Science, 34(3), pp.331-345. Katz, B.R., Du Preez, N.D. and Schutte, C.S.L., 2010. Definition and role of an innovation strategy. In SAIIE conference proceedings (pp. 60-74). Linsey, M. and Milnes, I., 2011. Heavy metal analysis of cosmetics and personal care products: a critical and unavoidable global challenge. Euro Cosmetic, 10, pp.17-19. Liu, B.F., Miyata, S., Hirota, Y., Higo, S., Miyazaki, H., Fukunaga, M., Hamada, Y., Ueyama, S., Muramoto, O., Uriuhara, A. and Kasuga, M., 2013. Methylglyoxal induces apoptosis through activation of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase in rat mesangial cells. Kidney international, 63(3), pp.947-957. Moynihan, R., 2010. Doctors education: the invisible influence of drug company sponsorship. BMJ: British Medical Journal, 336(7641), p.416. Parsonson, I., 2010. The Australian Ark: A history of domesticated animals in Australia. CSIRO PUBLISHING. Sun, Q. and Xiong, C.S.L., 2014. Functional and pasting properties of pea starch and peanut protein isolate blends. Carbohydrate polymers, 101, pp.1134-1139. Wang, L., Guo, K., Li, Y., Tu, Y., Hu, H., Wang, B., Cui, X. and Peng, L., 2010. Expression profiling and integrative analysis of the CESA/CSL superfamily in rice. BMC plant biology, 10(1), p.282. Zhang, W.Z. and Shi, Z.Z., 2011. Description of Crystallographic management of Product Phases with Singularity and g Distribution. In Solid State Phenomena (Vol. 172, pp. 1096-1105). Trans Tech Publications. Szekely, F. and Strebel, H., 2013. Incremental, radical and game-changing: strategic innovation for sustainability. Corporate Governance, 13(5), pp.467-481. Platzek, B.P., Pretorius, L. and Winzker, D.H., 2012, July. Sustainability in technology driven business environments: A company-level approach. In Technology Management for Emerging Technologies (PICMET), 2012 Proceedings of PICMET'12: (pp. 1195-1208). IEEE. Kraev, V. and Viitala, J., 2017. Sustainability Orientation s effect on the NPD Process:: A single Case Study in a Manufacturing Company.

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Uniformed public services free essay sample

Today I am going to talk to you about the types and methods of searches conducted by staff in a custodial environment and also control measures in a custodial environment. Firstly, I am going to talk to you about searches in a custodial environment. Searches are very important in prisons overall for security purposes. Searches can be planned or random or part of the system of the prison, routine or intelligence-led. Everyone entering the prison needs to be searched before they are allowed in the prison, including staff. The type of searches depends on many things such as, the risk of safety that person may cause and what type of category the prison is. High security prisons, that hold Category A prisoners, will routinely search all staff and visitors. There are also x-ray machines to look in bags, coats and shoes of people that cross the security gates of the prison. We will write a custom essay sample on Uniformed public services or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In Category C prisons, visitors and staff aren’t routinely searched before entering the prison. Items that aren’t allowed to enter prisons are; metal, cutlery, scissors, computers, mobile phones and obviously alcohol, drugs and weapons. All goods that are arriving to the prison have to be screened, even post. This is extremely important because many stuff can be smuggled into the items, for example drugs can be smuggled into the prison by being concealed in the spine binding of books and magazines. Prison staff also search the prisoners cells and other parts of the building on a routine and intelligence-led basis. They also search the perimeter of the prisons walls outside to make sure nothing bad was thrown into the prison, for example weapons. Searching can also involve certain detectors and also dogs, for dangerous items that have slipped through the security checks. Staff have to respect individuals and their property during searching them. Slide 3 Rub-down searches are used to check that a person entering the prison has no disallowed items in their possession. Staff need to be trained in order to do any searches and searches need to be carried out by a member of prison staff of the same sex. Rub-down searches are used to check nothing is attached to the outer body, but not inside the body. Slide 4 Electronic wands and electronic walk-throughs are used in prisons in order to detect any metal objects and other items. Depending on what type of prison it is the prison officers are allowed to search cells, prisoners and visitors with an electronic wand. In Category A prisons, visitors have to walk through an electronic walk-through to make sure they are not bringing in anything made out of metal, for example weapons. The prison service has just introduced a body orifice secure scanner, aka BOSS, (click) which allowed them to see whether prisoners are hiding anything internally for example drugs. Slide 5 Before the prison staff can search the visitors they need to explain the procedures beforehand, and also there should be posters and leaflets in the searching area describing how the prison staff is going to search you and why. Also the visit order that the visitor was given contains search information. If a visitor refuses to be searched, as you cannot be forced to, then you will not be allowed to enter the prison and visit the offender you wanted to see, this same policy applies to staff as well.. Again, the different types of searches depend on the type of prison it is, for example if someone wanted to visit a Category A offender they will need to be thoroughly searched. Slide 6 Routine searches of prisoners is very important, because many items are smuggled into prisons somehow. Searching of prisoners can mean many things, from rub-down searches, BOSS, Electronic wand and walk-through searches, searching the offenders cell, and searching the perimeter of the prisons walls for items that may have been thrown in by the public.